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Bridge of Return 귀환의 다리

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Yul-san Liem and exhibit participants. Co-design and construction: Evan Crane and Dick Galyon. Wood, cloth, stone, ink, 159” x 52” x 74”, 2005

임율산 과 전시 참여 작가들 공동구상과 제작, Evan Crane and Dick Galyon, 나무, 천, 돌, 잉크, 159" x 52" x 74", 2005

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I want to freely be able to see and visit my two uncles, aunt, and many cousins in N.K. I want to be able to grab Pat beeng soo with them, watch a movie, go to the beach… I want to one day stop crying…

I wish to find peace within myself after being raised with unknown demons my mother instilled in me. May she find some peace and share her pain with me. I love you mom.

I need to heal or release myself from my fragmented / wounded self.
I need to get beyond

Abandonment again.

I want to overcome the language barrier that separates me from my parent and, thus, my history.

I hope American people will oppose war and support Korean independence and reunification.

I feel alienated from my friends abroad. I want to close that divide.

Adoptee = White? Asian? Korean? American?

Coming out to my family.

The wounds caused to my father – Chicano- living in Texas – of Mexican immigrants and the wounds he has caused me. I realize they are all part of me and us.

I think that I need to overcome the barrier between what I think and what I actually do!


I want the two Koreas to unite.

A better understanding between me and my Korean daughter I pray for.

The division between North and South Korea—the homeland I’ve never lived in. The separation between my birth family and my adopted family.

I want the divisions between the Vietnamese people to disappear so we can hand in hand rebuild Vietnam and her pride.

Resentment toward dad! I want to forgive & understand.

The Division of my Family through Adoption, relinquishment, and loss.
Division… racism. In all of its forms.

Overcome the fear of being lonely forever.

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