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Family Reunion 가족상봉



Editor: Deann Borshay. Storyteller: Helen Kyungsook Daniels. Interviewer: Ramsay Liem, video 2005

편집자: 강옥진. 구술자: 최경숙. 면담자: 임램지 비디오, 2005

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This piece was so very moving to me. I have studied research my whole life, but I have never been moved in such a way as I have by the depth and breadth of this multimedia effort. I am not sure that research without the additional film, preformance art, and textile pieces is really telling the story: it only gives us a glimpse into the question, not the humanity. The human experience cannot be told without these many forms of expression, all complimenting each other, each speaking individually to connect a whole experience. Remarkable, sad, wonderful, uplifting, and such of demonstration of the core of what makes us human, what we strive for and what, in the end is important. How we forget so easily about personal experience and its meaning. Thank you for giving me this window into the lives of so many, in such a personal and precious way.

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