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Yul-san Liem and exhibit participants, wood, watercolor, cloth, ink 84" x 108", 2004

임율산 과 전시 참여 작가들, 나무, 수채물감, 천, 잉크, 84" x 108", 2004

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My father told me a story. He used to steal apples at night and eat them in the dark with his brothers, not knowing there were worms in the apples, because he was hungry He says that is how he got his protein. This is a story, a post war story, but a story that tells me that hunger lasted for a long time even after the war.

My parents chose to adopt from Korea because they wanted to help “save” the babies. My uncles were in the Korean war and told stories about the beautiful babies. My parents can’t accept that I can’t/won’t fully “assimilate”. Now we barely speak.

Schizophrenia, Drug abuse, Prostitution, Adoption, Foster care, AIDS, Depression. All of that in the same house? The same house! The same Family?! The same country, The same U.S.A, The same SHIT! The same black community.

For those of U.S. who caused the trauma - I apologize.

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